Staying connected while we’re unconnected


I used to work from home every day at my last job and loved it. The job I’ve had for the last year is office based, except for Fridays. Still, I’m surprised that I’m finding it a bit difficult to feel connected while under house arrest, I mean while under a mandated work from home order.

Because we’re all facing a new normal right now, I think part of the issue is the (perceived) isolation from all others, not just co-workers. I never minded being “alone” all day because I remained intellectually connected, and because I knew that once work was over for the day or the week, I was free to socialize with friends and family. Now, the separation is all-inclusive, 24/7.

I’ve been thinking about how I can maintain connections during the workday.

· Get up every couple of hours and walk around. Get some fresh air if you can. Walk your dog. Or your alpaca. Wave to your neighbors. There’s something about being outside that makes you feel connected.

· If you have a house full of people, plan a regular family lunch time.

· Make the first 5 minutes of meetings and open forum for the team to chat — about anything. Or nothing.

· Repurpose the time you used to spend commuting to catch up with a colleague. Find out how he or she is coping.

· Schedule a recurring virtual lunch over Webex with your team or a friend. Turn your camera on.

As we adjust to our new normal, what’s your favorite way to say connected?



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Jackie Rose

Jackie Rose

I write about stuff. And I have two dogs.